Professional Certifications


The six key characteristics of a profession are:

  • Members join together to apply a specialised skill.
  • The skill has been developed through appropriate education.
  • Members have a fiduciary relationship with clients.
  • Members are recognised by the public as an authority in their field of expertise.
  • A profession is self-regulating regarding the competence and conduct of its members.
  • Members have a duty to serve the public interest.

Professionalism is a key part of your training and ongoing development, and you will learn about it at various stages on your route to qualification.


What are the benefits of being a member of the profession?

Membership opens up a wide range of opportunities, an exciting and rewarding career path, lifelong learning and the chance to use your skills to live and work in locations all over the world. All the while, you have the support of a professional body which offers a range of valuable resources and communicates on your behalf with employers, recruitment specialists, government, regulators and the media. You can attend regular meetings, seminars and conferences at which technical and professional ideas are exchanged As a members of our profession you gain:

  • mutual support
  • lobby strength
  • status
  • income