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Business decisions are now increasingly based on numbers rather than ideas. Any decision on company policy has to be backed by detailed and accurate data that can stand the scrutiny of both management and stakeholders.

This is especially true for financial management where consistent and correct application of modelling techniques can help you accurately forecast ‘what if’ scenarios and design realistic forecasts which in turn lead to successful business decisions. Your ability to construct a better and more comprehensive financial model will determine the success or failure of your organisation’s growth and development.

Professional working as Chartered Accountants, Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, Financial Planners and Financial Consultants

Business man, Business Consultants , Lower and Middle level Managers

Students of Management and Professional courses

Candidates looking for jobs in

  • Merchant banking firms requiring tools to evaluate companies, m&a, valuations, financial engineering
  • Research agencies
  • Economic think tanks requiring sophisticated econometric and financial models as basis for policy measures
  • Companies needing to analyse data stored in backend servers such as sap or oracle
  • Companies requiring statistical analysis on large population of data
  • Consumer finance companies requiring sophisticated pricing tools
  • Financial institutions and stock broking companies
  • Non‐banking financial institutions
  • Notebook / Laptop with Operating System Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (Mac Books / IPads  are not allowed)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 professional plus or Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Power BI Tools
  • Oracle Crystal Ball or Palisade Decision Tools Suit
  • IFS customised screen sharing software

Software Links for Download

  • Office 365 Pro plus

Please read the system requirement before installing.  Institute may give subscription license for a period of one months to a year as per policy.

Install Office 365 ProPlus with the new 2016 apps

Office 365 Pro Plus Retail 2016 64 Bit

Office 365 Pro Plus Retail 2016 32 bit

Duration – 3 Months – Classes are conducted five days a week and each session is of 2 hours

Fees – ₹ 45000