Business decisions are now increasingly based on numbers rather than ideas. Any decision on company policy has to be backed by detailed and accurate data that can stand the scrutiny of both management and stakeholders.

This course is intended to provide an integrative foundation in the field of business intelligence at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. The objective is to develop the process of identifying, analysing, interpreting and presenting results so as to transfer the data into decisions. A critical success factor in Business Intelligence is the ability to communicate one’s analyses and recommendations to decision-makers

Application Fields

Marketing Models

Marketing Research

Advertising and Media

Data Analysis in Retailing

Pricing Analytics

Analytics for Strategy

Quality Management


Internet Modeling and Web Analytics

Text Mining

Revenue Management


Health Sciences

Industrial Applications

Supply Chain Management

Statistics in Finance

Insurance Models

Investment and Portfolio Models

Data Analysis in Banking and Financial Services

Risk Analytics

Legal Analytics

Analytics for Public Policy