Let’s Learn to TRADE professionally

Technical analysis provides the tools to successfully navigate the gap between intrinsic value and market price across all asset classes through a disciplined, systematic approach to market behavior and the law of supply and demand.

It is primarily a study of crowd psychology and crowd behavior, which is helping to determine optimum BUY, SELL or HOLD positional in any kind of tradable financial markets based on the evaluation of past price movement. It is also very powerful tool to forecast the future price movements when the PATTERN RECURR.

WE have been inspiring/educating market participants to take care about the investment as well as trading methodologies for more than Ten years. It believes tip providers or advisers cannot make consistent profit for you over the period of time. Only “YOU” yes “YOU” are responsible for all glories after getting basic market education, skills and experience level.

WE train talented people who are involved in trading or are investment professionals to develop proprietary desk, and also consult about investment and trading.

Technical Analysis and Trading Systems certification program provide a thorough grounding in technical analysis to traders and investors of all asset classes who are new to the subject. This course covers the essentials of technical analysis, risk control practices, position sizing concepts and trading psychology whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis, and is designed to get students/delegates quickly up to speed and to an International standard level where they can find their own way of putting together indicators and studies into coherent strategies – across different asset classes and for different market conditions and apply TA correctly and confidently in the markets they cover.

  • Brokers, Sub brokers and Dealers
  • Investment advisors and Fund Managers
  • Student pursuing financial courses like CFA, CFP, FRM and MBA Finance
  • Banking executives dealing in treasury, forex advisory and sales
  • Any one who is facinated with stock, commodity and forex markets and want to learn to trade

Technical analysis is prefered course in following functional roles

  • Fund Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Treasury
  • Research and Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Financial consultant
  • Trading / Algo Trading
  • Proprietor Trading
  • Trading Systems Developer
  • HFT (High Frequency Trading Firms) Firms
  • Quant trading and many more

1. What is the eligibility criteria for Technical Analysis and Trading Systems Program?

Anyone can opt, who is interest in trading profession from a commerce/science/ art student, housewife’s (Women), Traders, investors etc. to CA/CFA/FRM/Engineer professionals with basic prior knowledge of financial markets.

2. What is Trading system?

A trading system is a group of specific parameters (Technical indicators, sometime fundamentals or AI techniques) that combine to create buy and sell signals for a given asset class security.

Duration – 20 to 22  sessions of two hours each on every weekend for 10 weeks

Fees – ₹ 30,000

Benefits – One year EOD data stream free for all candidates who deposits the fees two week prior to batch start date.