Course Objective:

To enrich students with basics of Mathematics and Statistics required for study professional exams and students planning to do post graduate degree course in finance domain

Who should join?

  • Students interested in making career in Finance industry,
  • Students interested in courses such as FRM, CFA, Actuaries
  • Students interested in courses like financial engineering, Econometrics, etc.
  • Students who are from non-mathematical background and wish to study finance certification courses which require understanding of maths

Course Content

Section A

  1. Notations
  2. Numerical Methods
    1. Using Calculators
    2. Estimation and abbreviation
    3. Rounding
    4. Progressions and standard summations
    5. Convergence
    6. Complex numbers
    7. Mathematical constant and Standard Functions
    8. Algebra
    9. Expansion
      1. Binomial
      2. Fractions and negative powers

Section B

  1. Basic Trigonometry and Geometry
  2. Calculus
  3. Vectors and Matrix

Section C

  1. Types of Data
  2. Statistical Diagrams
  3. Measures of Locations
  4. Measures of Spread
  5. Skewness and Kurtosis

Section D

  1. Permutation and Combination
  2. Probability
  3. Discrete random variables and distributions
  4. Continuous random variable and distributions

Section F

  1. Correlation and Regression

Section G

  1. Understanding Time Value of Money
  2. Discounting Cash Flow, NPV, IRR