With the evolution  of Indian  capital market with new complexities  and continued crisis in international Arena  ,  Exchange traded options, owing to its risk management capabilities   are witnessing  high interest among equity derivative , currency , commodity  market participants  .  Options are among the most regarded derivative products  in derivative market as it can be used for risk aversion  as well as for taking  a directional call with limited risk

Who should join?

Option Trading Strategies for traders is the most appropriate course for the Traders who are looking for trading in the Derivatives segment. Options as a Product have gained significant importance in investing community for hedging.  This course aims at educating the traders about options and how market factors effect option Pricing and how options can be used for limiting downside risk / hedging as well as trading on expectations with calculated risk.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Futures and Options
    1. Concept of options
    2. Option Payoffs for buyers and sellers
    3. Properties of Stock Options
      1. How  changes in Time to maturity , strike Price , Spot Price , Volatility , Interest Rate Effects Option Prices
      2. Put Call Parity
      3. Understanding Time Value
        1. How Time and Volatility Impact options
        2. Option Strategies
          1. Covered call
          2. Protective Put
          3. Bull Spread using Call options
          4. Bull Spread using Put options
          5. Bear Spread  Using Call options
          6. Bear Spread  Using Put options
          7. Long and Short Straddle
          8. Long and Short Strangle
          9. Long and Short Call Butterfly
          10. Long and Short  Call Condor
          11. Collar
          12. Box Spread
          13. Option Valuation
            1. Black Scholes Model
            2. Option Greeks
            3. Understanding Time Value
            4. Understanding Risk in Option Strategies and Risk Management with Options
            5. Choosing Option Strategy with Economic Outlook
            6. Decoding Market Stats
              1. Decoding open interest , Price Movement , Volume Data
              2. Put Call Ratio , Moving Averages
              3. Momentum and Contrarian Calls
                1. How options can be used to follow momentum Or take a Contrarian call with available options