Corporate finance provides a foundation in key concepts underlying the analysis and execution of financial decisions. The focus is on improving the financing and investment decisions so as to demonstrate impact on value creation. Also understanding International financial management to evaluate the impact of foreign exchange, cross border transactions on international mergers and acquisitions It will conclude with application of corporate finance concepts in Public sector enterprise / Government

 Brief Course Outline

I.       Appreciating Time, Value and Risk

 1.       Valuation Concepts and Securities Valuation

 a.       Time Value of Money

 b.      Valuation of Asset

 2.       Risk and Return

 a.       Concept of financial Risk and Uncertainty

 b.      Methods of Risk Management

 II.    Strategic Finance

 1.       Evaluating Long Term Investment Decisions

 a.       Techniques: NPV, IRR, Payback

 b.      Social Cost Benefit Analysis

 2.       Funding Decisions: Capital Structure

 a.       Concept of Cost of Capital

 b.      Significance of Leverage

 c.       Capital Structure Financing Policy

 d.      Financial Markets and Sources of Funding’s

 3.       Evaluating Operating Viability 

 a.       Financial Statements: Analysis and Interpretation

 b.      Financial Ratios

 c.       Cash Flow and Fund Flow Analysis

 d.      Issues related to liquidity : Cash is King

 4.       Corporate Restructuring and international finance

 a.       Corporate Restructuring

 b.      Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions in India

 c.       Understanding Foreign Exchange quotations

 d.      Appreciation and Depreciation of currency

 e.      Interest rates structures of economy in last four years and its impact

 f.        Complexities of Holding structures in  Multinational organisations

 III. Public Sector Government Enterprises

 1.       Financial management

a.       Rationale of Public Sector Enterprises

 b.      Distinctive Features of Financial Management

 c.       Financial Planning and Strategy

 2.       Understanding Infrastructure project financing: Concepts, Risk & Lessons

a.       Understanding  PPP, BOT PFI PSP and other variants

 b.      Pros & Cons and applications

 c.       Unique / Critical Risks and mitigation measures

 d.      Risk Models and Risk management framework