The formal higher education system has some inherent short comings like it does not keep pace with rapidly changing economics, financial domain and market dynamics making it a bit outdated and insignificant, therefore there is precise need for meaningful interface with new developments on regular and sustainable basis. To meet this perceive gap, Institute of Financial Studies, Jaipur has been established in year 2009.
Institute of financial studies has been promoted by Deshna Foundation, a registered trust under Indian trust act 1911 to not only promote add on & supplementary education in area of finance but also to provide continuous professional cross functional and inter disciplinary education for enriching the knowledge by taking research projects in area of finance and other related spheres for benefiting society at large.

Major objectives of Institute of Financial Studies

  1. Promotion of Financial literacy so that a common man can take informed decisions in personal and corporate life.
  2. Provides training for globally renowned and specialized professional courses
  3. Provide continuous learning platform for working professionals
  4. Provide skill education in field of finance to bridge the gap between academic and industry
  5. Provide resource, guidance and network for research in area of Finance